Who Are We?
We are proud to have opened our store Gritty-Gamers Club which aims to deliver a win-win business partnership with our clients in the gaming community globally by providing valuable products and enjoyable gaming content. We are a start-up company looking to give every passionate gamer a good opportunity to experience an enriching experience without breaking the bank. Our experience in gaming over the years shows that not every gamer can afford the most expensive products from internationally recognised brands and this has inspired us to bridge that gap by providing best price, reliable and durable alternatives without compromising the quality of the gaming experience. We are looking into partnering with other driven gamers to achieve greater heights in this competitive arena and share quality experience with the community at large.

Our products are well sourced from emerging or established manufacturers who have tested the products time and time and have gained a positive feedback from users about the standards and user-friendliness of the products. We carefully research into the products before bring them in our stock to ensure you share the same valuable experience that other gamers experience. The experience we have in PC and Console gaming tells us how response time in accessories such as controllers can have a significant impact on the results especially is tight margin games. Ordinary gamers tend to suffer back aches due to lack of properly designed gaming chairs and here we offer the best affordable gaming chairs that have great adjustable comfort design and support cushions for a relaxed posture especially during long gaming sessions.

Our long term vision is to establish ourselves properly with other gamers and build a community with passionate gamers who would want to take gaming to the next level. We aim to give foundation and support to gamers who might feel that their potential might not be recognised due to lack of opportunity. We are working towards building a strong team of competitors who would compete face to face as part of a club and play against other communities from various gaming clubs in prized events. We believe wholeheartedly that forming a club that play face to face brings pure joy and authenticity which brings people together. In a world where people spend a lot of time online, we want to create a club that works together face to face to achieve not only results but build lifelong memories because gaming is fun! Gaming brings out the human nature and allows us to share our pure side with others and this creates growth among people. 

We would like to hear from potential business partners who feel aligned to our long-term mission as well as the our clients from the store. Feel free to contact us or use our social media handles on the bottom of our website to give us any feedback or suggestions. Read our terms and conditions for all our products and services. We look forward to hearing from you passionate gamers!

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