Easy ways to build a gaming studio in 2022

Get the first step right!

A good gaming studio must be an open and friendly environment that is relaxing and comfortable to be in. This can be easily done through simple manual steps such as a well vacuumed floor carpet, tidy desk surfaces and clean walls. You do not want to be in a suffocating and stifled space that will make focusing a difficult task. After all, if you want to have an enriching gaming experience, focus and a stable mindset are at the core. 

Clean the carpet first

After completing the cleaning tasks you’d want to ensure that every small detail in your equipment arrangement is done to perfection. Tip: Don’t overcomplicate this process. You want to make sure that you have enough space for free movement therefore take note of your height, body shape and weight to ensure you leave enough space between your legs and the desk. Remove any unnecessary items in your room such as empty package boxes or rarely used equipment. Use this space to place cool items that will benefit you such as the fan, small coffee table next to you or scent candle holders. Use your imagination, there is no formula to this process. However, the basic principle is that you should have a refreshing and open space in your gaming setup.

Best 3 gaming studio accessories in 2022

Assuming that you are a beginner, or you just want to build up a decent gaming setup we have come up with top notch products that you can acquire at a very affordable price. Even if you’re experienced and want an upgrade, these products will surely uplift your setup without breaking the bank. We only focus on products that we know are necessary from our experience and will enhance your experience.

Best Gaming Chairs In 2022

First things first, we understand the importance of a comfortable chair. A comfortable chair will ensure you won’t succumb to short and long-term back aches. Do not use a table chair please as it is very stiff to sit on for long hours and cannot be reclined or adjusted for height. They are designed to match dinner tables but not for gaming. From thorough market research we have managed to identify 3 good chairs that will give you a very comfortable experienced. We have managed to find factors that make up a good gaming chair and these include ergonomics, reclination, a good headrest and backrest for your spinal posture and sometimes a footrest. We have also noted that the market has several numbers of these chairs but come at an expensive cost. We have dug deep to find reliable manufacturers and suppliers to partner with to acquire cheaper options that tick all boxes. Check out our best picks below:

Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Comfortable Ergonomic Gaming Chair

The cheapest and very ergonomic chair in our store. This chair is widely renowned for its firm structural design and the chair has been widely used even as an office chair. We dub it as a lazy gaming chair due to its strong 90o to 160o reclination angle that most gamers use when they are gaming in a relaxed mode. It is regarded by the market as a complete multipurpose chair due to its headrest cushion and lumbar cushion. What makes this chair very outstanding is the aesthetic appeal from the hybrid leatherette material rather than PU synthetic leather. It is an artificial leather that gives you a NAPA leather glossy touch. We highly recommend this chair if you are on a tight budget and want to have a durable chair. Research told us that the material is 12 times more durable than PU leather that other gaming chairs use. The hydraulic lift uses class 3 heavy duty KGS gas lift which is one of the best in industry due to its stability and safety. 

Comfortable Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Weaker chairs tend to deform under the base over time, and to mitigate this effect the chair was designed with aluminium material which makes it not only stronger but keeps the weight down. 

Gaming Chair with Footrest


Relaxing Ergonomic Gaming Chair

This chair is an upgrade to the first one as it comes with a foldable footrest. This is crucial to maintain a stable full body posture which helps avoid cramps or stiffness in your lower body. It still comes with the headrest cushion and lumbar cushion but with a more comfortable armrest. This allows you to relax properly during breaks and to refocus the mind. It is perfect for long session gaming and its smooth 360swivel mechanism allows you to rotate nicely making it easier to look at various screens especially if you’re a streamer. From our research, this is the most complete chair and the most convenient for all types of gamers. It simply ticks all boxes of an ergonomic gaming chair. We have managed to source various colours to suit your taste. This is made possible due to the synthetic leather and how flexible it is in its manufacturing process. It is a chair that doesn’t feel clunky but feels tidy and solid. If you're a coffee drinker then here and there you might spill some on your chair, but with this one you should not worry as the material is known for its stain resistance capability. We have also given you the cleaning steps to follow to prolong its life as well as keeping it in an appealing shape. 

Pink Gaming Chair

Cute Ergonomic Gaming Chair

The name says it all. Do you fancy going a little further with the designing of your gaming studio? Then don’t worry we have you covered here. This option here is for the enthusiasts who like to go for exactly what their imaginations tell them. After assembling it, you’ll be guaranteed satisfaction and even your mates will be impressed. This is a chair designed to please aesthetics and tick ergonomic boxes. An important part of the chair design is that it ensures you do not hunch forward and scrunch your shoulders which causes back pain. Both the headrest and lumbar cushions are provided to ensure a good posture. We’d comfortably say this is a chair designed for those passionate gamers who are inspired more than by the games they play but the colours and the love for the game’s unique characters. It is worth the few extra quid for the deep feeling of affectionate behind it. 

What gaming chair should I choose then?

We have done the hard work for you by narrowing the chairs to 3. Now the factors remaining are your budget and what you look and imagine from a gaming chair. We have acquired 3 of the best chairs out there in the market. For a tighter budget we highly recommend the Comfortable Ergonomic Gaming Chair as it is sturdy, strong and very durable. You’re looking at years of uncompromised quality with this chair. Do you work at home and do gaming as well? The Relaxing Ergonomic Gaming Chair is for you! This is a chair that leaves you with no issues as it is both appealing but very functional and convenient. It is worth the price and is one of the best emerging ergonomic chairs well engineered for both the home and office. It is a chair that has personality especially as a streamer. Finally, the Cute Ergonomic Gaming Chair is a chair that was designed with a very creative craftwork.  The unique characters on the backrest are very cute and will put a smile on your face. It is breathable, comfortable, and highly adjustable. Sometimes you just have to go for what you like, and we recommend this option if you like to build a unique gaming station. Contact us for more information or questions you might have about our chairs. 

Best Gaming Accessories In 2022

From our gaming experience we have come to realise that the gaming desk is not limited specifically to gaming desks, but any strong, firm, and stable desk is fine. This is solely because the gaming chairs we brought to you are adjustable in height which makes any type of desk more suitable. The type of desk you can have might depend on the amount of space you have or the environment that you are within. You will find out that any strong office desk will do the trick therefore you shouldn’t worry about this phase too much. What is more important is what you put on top of your desk! Here are some few picks from our store:

Best Gaming Mousepad in 2022

World Map Gaming Mousepad

World Map Gaming Mousepad

The mousepad is one of the most underrated accessories in gaming. Some people prefer to use even a book instead, but this is not what we consider in building a neat gaming setup. It is a frustrating experience to use anything alternative to a mousepad which moves about as you move the mouse. We have managed to provide you with a cheaper and yet convenient mousepad with various sizes depending on your desktop size. Please check your desktop size before buying one. This mousepad is perfect for a smooth mouse movement. It comes with a rubber bottom surface that grips on any surface to mitigate slipping. This mousepad doesn’t allow liquids to absorb as it has a rubber material therefore you shouldn’t worry about spillages when they occur as you can easily clean them off. The technology used to manufacture it prevents it from defamation and degumming which tends to occur in many mousepads over time. Depending on your preference, you can choose to buy one that fits your whole desktop of just for the mouse. A very simple and yet effective accessory that will make a difference both in the aesthetic appearance of your setup as well as in tight margins during gaming.

Full Desk Gaming Mousepad

Full Desk Gaming Mousepad

Simple, plain, and budget friendly mousepad that will tackle multiple issues at once. Once again thanks to our suppliers for this incredibly cheap and yet high-quality product. It is smooth and flat and would fit your desktop size fully depending on your choice of size. It is not only meant for the mouse, but you can place items such as headphone stands, consoles, monitors etc. The edges are well stitched to avoid defamation and splitting. The mousepad comes with an anti-skidding surface and a waterproof design to keep it in shape. Its hygienic antibacterial surfaces ensures it does not stink or make you sickly from absorbed sweat. Best pick if you are on a tight budget. 

Best Computer CPU Stands in 2022

Computer CPU Stand

Are you a PC Gamer? This is a must have for your CPU for various reasons. You want to look after your expensive machine in any way possible. We have done our research on why some CPUs decrease in lifespan over time and we realised that less ventilation can have a negative impact on the performance of components on your computer. Less ventilation causes moisture to be trapped, heat dissipation to decrease and dust to be easily trapped in. Get yourself a piece of mind by accommodating this CPU Stand within your gaming space. We came up with 4 types of stands that you can check from the store from simple to ventilating options. Get yourself the adjustable option if your CPU size does not match with the given options. All options are made from strong ABS plastic to withstand weight up to 20kg. Surely your computer isn’t heavier than that! Having a stand with wheels makes cleaning your room easier as you can simply move your computer around without having to carry it. You might have seen that we like to keep things simple and effective from the onset and this is what you should do in building your gaming studio.


These 3 products are what we know as the backbone of a gaming studio. You should feel comfortable and have your most adorable equipment such as the CPU well protected from trapped heat for good performance as well as longevity. When designing a gaming setup, you should be effective and tackle 2 birds with one stone to keep your budget down without compromising quality. We have other products that will elevate your gaming studio to the next level at Gritty-Gamers Club at an affordable price. Keep in touch with us on Instagram or Email for any suggestions, interests, or business partnerships. Build smart and continue to game with passion! 


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